Monday, September 29, 2008

Photoshop for Photographers Seminar Tour

Today we are "Photoshop for Photographers" tour in St Louis. Ben Wilmore is the presenter to about 240 PS enthusiasts.

Remember that, not only do most Photoshop techniques work well in After Effects. But also you can use PS to tweak your video!

More later.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

PS World - All good things must....

Photoshop World 2008 has now ended and I am about to board the plane for home. More later.

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PS World - Saturday

I am sitting in Copango's "Power of Color" enthralled by the fantastic images projected on the 30-foot screens around the room.

As usual, each hour has seven different learning opportunities to choose from. At 1pm, I'll join Scott Kelby for his "7-Point System.". "Mastering Color Curves" is my choice for the 2pm session. Then it's off to the airport for home and family.

If you are into imaging in any way, this is the place to be.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Nice Editing - Video (

This is a good quick demonstration of what is possible and a reminder that what you see is not always the truth.

Nice Editing - More amazing video clips are a click away.

PS World - Friday Late Afternoon

Outside, the Vegas temperature has 3-digits, but inside the Mandallay Bay convention center Photoshop World is cool and very busy.

Amazing is the term that comes to mind as I sit in the 2nd of 3 of Harlan's session on Photoshop for video. These sessions alone were worth the trip for me.

Another pass through vendor exhibits enlarged the blisters on my feet and revealed several "cool tools" I missed yesterday. (For instance, for the price of a 'basic transportation' used car, you can own a laser that etches any image you could print into wood, leather, plastic, whatever.....)

I'm off to the next of Harlan's sessions.

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PS World - Friday Morning

Each time slot this morning has at least 7 different sessions to choose from. I picked David Ziser's How to Flash, an Extended Video session, and one on Color Correction.

I'll keep you posted on this afternoon's choices.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

PS World Update

Late Thursday...

Vendor exhibits: Nikon was showing a broad line of cameras and lenses, .and Epson showcased some gorgeous large printers. Drobo was there with an interesting harddrive storage technology. And I wore a hole in my shoes cruising the booths of maybe another 60 or more vendors. B and H even provided discounts to attendees.

A full slate of evening sessions are now in full swing; Deke McClelland's tutorial on output sharpening being one of the moe popular.

More later.

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Photoshop World

This is being sent via blackberry direct from the floor of Photoshop World so it will be brief.

Photoshop World 2008 on Flickr

A highly creative opening featured Scott Kelby piloting the Starship Luminousity, plus expected announcements by Adobe of Creative Suite 4.... errr.... CS Next later this month. Faster and more integrated were the buzzwords.

This afternoon, miles of vendor exhibits are sure to tax my tootsies.

..More from Mandallay Bay in (hot) Las Vegas later.... Jim

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In A World With No Don LaFontaine…

YouTube - Dan LaFontaine

You most likely wouldn't recognize this man's name or face. However, it's possible that with modern movie advertising, he has one of the most recognized VOICES in the world. Dan LaFontaine was the voice-over guy for almost every movie trailer I've ever seen in my entire life. He has a powerful deep voice with a unique character. On Tuesday of this week he died due to complications and illness. The movie trailers will never be the same.

Don LaFontaine Passes Away