Friday, September 03, 2010

Photoshop World 2010 "Big Light Small Flashes"

Big Light Small Flashe

"Big Light Small Flashes" was an eye-opener for me as Joe McNally made some fantastic pix using only one flash unit. If you (like me) thought you needed a studio full of lighting equipment to make a good portrait, then this session alone was worth the entry fee.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Photoshop World 2010 Opening Show

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Date: September 1, 2010 6:37:49 PM
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Each year, Photoshop World launches with a different theme and this year was no exception.  "Rock Concert" was part of the entry passes, posters, decorations and even the keynote.  An authentic rock concert launched the 3-day conference in grand style.  Scott Kelby and the Pixel Benders performed a 2 song set to a backdrop of strobes, smoke, spotlights, and huge amps and speakers.  KISS-like costumes and makeup completed the parody as they belted out "I Wanna Photoshop All Night and Retouch Every Day" while a packed house went wild.

I'll talk about today's sessions in a later post.

Photoshop World 2010 Opening Show...and the photo.