Sunday, February 04, 2007

Online Photo Editing Overview (TechCrunch)

TechCrunch has posted a good list of online photo editors. Since so much sharing of photos is done online or via email, it makes sense to be editing photos online as well. Most of these services work by allowing you to upload your photo to their web platform using a simple upload form. Then editing choices are made through the browser and you download the finished filed. Some of these services also work by connecting to your Flickr account in a two-way integration where you edit and reload the photo direct from your online photos that are already online.

The launch of Picnik a couple of days ago brought us yet another online photo editing tool. Like Fauxto, Picnik uses Flash, whereas most of the earlier editing tools all use Ajax for in-browser editing.

Since all computers come with basic software that rotates, resizes and crops photos, there needs to be a compelling reason to use an online service. Uploading a photo to such a service, editing it and then downloading it back to your hard drive too high of a cost. To compensate for this, most services allow you to transfer the edited photos directly to Flickr, Webshots or other online photo services, saving users the trouble of making round trips uploading and downloading.

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