Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Most video sharing sites make it very difficult to nearly impossible to download a local copy of the video files they are displaying. This is good news for those directors who want to keep their content protected, but bad news for those interested parties who want a local copy for reference, backup source material or outright copyright infringement (not recommended).

Those videophiles and collectors that use Firefox will be interested to know that there are several extensions available that make it easier to manipulate video files on the most common video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video as well as many others. To get an idea, try the following search on the Mozilla Corporation Firefox Add-ons Site. There are currently over 50 results.

So keep this in mind when you share videos through these sites. They can be downloaded and then archived or re-shared onto a different site. You don't use Firefox? You should! Get it today--

Get Firefox!

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