Thursday, April 05, 2012

Is it Real or Special Effects?

Here's a marketing video for a touch sensitive flexible LCD screen. First let me say that I want to live in the future where this is possible. The video shows a bunch of cool concept products digitally created in a 3D program of some kind, perhaps CAD.

However, the video concludes with Mariel Van Tatenhove, the Director of Marketing, showing off what is supposed to be a real working prototype. I was real excited... until I looked a little closer.

You may have to watch it more than once. But if you are eagle-eyed, you'll notice the green tinges around her hand. You might also notice that when she is writing with her stylus on the screen, the text is hidden by her hand. I'm guessing she is holding a green prop and all of the simulated screen images were added in later.

But I could be wrong. What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. Good catch, Grasshopper ! As you noted, there are vague green tinges around her hand, and the text is hidden by her hand as she writes. In addition, there are inconsistent reflections or shadows as she writes and moves the tablet. This is known as "just-doesn't-seem-real" in the trade.

    I don't think the video was intended to be deceptive - almost every device in the video was some sort of mockup generated by an animation. While a highly-skilled artist could have done a better job with the greenscreening and reflections, it probably wasn't considered necessary based on the product and the target market.


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